Software Configuration on Windows


To configure the software environment on Windows, you need to take a few steps.


Step 1 – Visit the Oracle website,

You should see something like this:


Step 2 – Scroll over to the “Menu” section, hover over "Downloads and Trials," then hover over "Java," and click on “All Java Downloads.”


Step 3 – Select “Java SE 8 Update 144”:


Step 4 - Scroll down and click "JDK Download" in section "Java SE 8u144";


Step 5 – Be sure to click “Accept License Agreement” and then select your operating system and click on the corresponding link. If you don’t know your version of Windows OS (either x86 or x64), go to Control Panel -> System. There you will find the information you need.


  • if you have x64 (i.e. 64-bit) – download the 64-bit version
  • if you have x32 (i.e. 32-bit) – download the 32-bit version

If you don't know how to find your Control Panel, scroll down to Step 6 in this article. There you will find a picture which should help you find it on your computer.


Step 6 – And now it's just the usual process of installing a program.



Step 7 – At this point Java is installed, but you still need to set up Path. To do this, go to the Control Panel. If you're using Windows 10, then right-click on the Start button and select Control Panel. It should look like this:


Next, choose "System." It may look different on different computers, but here's one example:


And here's another:


Now go to “Advanced system settings”:


And select “Environment Variables”:


In the “User variables for [admin]” section, click “New…”:

Win10 software confuguration

  • In the “Variable name” section, write “JAVA_HOME”
  • In the “Variable value” section, write the path to JDK (i.e. you have to specify where JDK is installed on your computer). The typical JDK installation location is shown as in the picture below:


Now select “Path” in “System variables” and click “Change”:


At the very end of the line in the Variable Value, put a semicolon and write the path “JAVA_HOME” exactly as in the example ";%JAVA_HOME%":


And that’s it. We have just configured JDK on Windows together!

All that's left is to install Eclipse or JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA.



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