Installation and Running of Eclipse IDE

How do you install Eclipse on your computer? You need to take 3 steps:

Step No. 1: Visit this page:

Step No. 2: Download the version of Eclipse which is appropriate for your operating system. The links are marked in the picture below (see the red frame):


Step No. 3: Now, you need to unpack the downloaded .zip archive to the C:\Program Files\ directory.

Eclipse has now been installed on your computer. Congratulations!

How do you run Eclipse on your computer? This can be done in 3 steps as well:

Step No. 1: Go to C:\Program Files\eclipse\ and open the “eclipse.exe” file.

Step No. 2: When you open eclipse.exe, you should see the the following window (see the picture below). You need to specify in the "Workspace" line where you will be keeping the files of your project. Choose whatever folder is convenient for you (in our example, we chose, C:\myWorkspace). Then click "OK."


Step No. 3: First, close the start screen (see the picture below). As soon as you close the screen, you will be directed to the Eclipse workbench. Below you will find instructions on how to work with Eclipse.



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