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Real-World Projects

All our courses are structured around real-world projects and contain a lot of exercises.

Personal Support

Our support team will be with you every step of the way, ready to answer all your questions.

Clear and Concise

Our courses are perfect for beginners because all theory is explained on very detailed animated slides.

Our Courses

Our unique courses will take you from absolute beginner to advanced. We guarantee that there are no courses like these out there.

The Result-Oriented Web Developer Course

50 hours

The Result-Oriented Web Developer Course

This complete web development course is perfect for absolute beginners and for those who want to start building projects on their own. Step by step, we’ll take you from zero programming experience to mastery.

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The Complete MySQL Bootcamp: From SQL Beginner To Expert

8 hours

The Complete MySQL Bootcamp: From SQL Beginner To Expert

Strengthen your resume now by learning SQL. Knowing SQL is a MUST for Web Developers, Java Developers, Python Developers, Data Science Specialists, Business Analysts, etc.

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The JavaScript Course 2021: Build Modern JavaScript Projects

6 hours

The JavaScript Course 2021: Build Modern JavaScript Projects

This is a project-based course that will help enrich your portfolio and practice modern JavaScript. The course will challenge you and help grow your JavaScript skills.

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VERTEX ACADEMYProfessional software engineers and mentors

Our courses have been developed by a truly international team. The team are experts in all major programming languages including JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP and have degrees from some of the most well respected universities. They also work for prestigious tech companies and host professional web development bootcamps.

Useful Resources

Here you can find some free resources developed by our team.

10 Best VSCode Extensions

10 Best Visual Studio Code Extensions

There are many VSC plugins but these are the ones we find the most useful for beginners. They will help you to speed up your work and make it more effective.

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